John Woo Gets Help from Espionage for Dummies

John Woo and Terence Chang’s Lion Rock Productions have reached an agreement with publisher Wiley, to create for the first time ever, an action/comedy film, titled Espionage for Dummies. The film will be the first time the famous brand has hit the big screen.

Original script, written by Stevie Long, follows a high school vice-principal whose identity becomes crossed with that of a U.S. super-spy. Armed only with the super-spy version of the “Espionage for Dummies” manual, he must become James Bond-ian to save the world.

With over 125 million Dummies books in print. And licensed products from software to sewing patterns including best-selling videos/DVD’s like “Pilates for Dummies” and “Poker for Dummies“; the For Dummies brand is truly a cultural phenomenon. While creating synergy between a brand name and a cinematic story is not new for Lion Rock (the company is currently developing He-Man, a feature film at Fox 2000), the highly recognizable, easily approachable For Dummies brand provides multiple opportunities for infusing story plot with branded humor, familiar to Dummies readers.

At the core, For Dummies success demonstrates the belief that anything is possible. The passion to help people understand confusing topics has driven For Dummies publishers, authors, editors, and designers to nurture a great idea into a publishing, reference, and information leader. This partnership with Lion Rock is a clear example of the depth and breath of the brand, illustrating the impact it has far beyond the printed word.

“Stevie Long has written a brilliant and funny script with the perfect potential to synergize with the “For Dummies” products and philosophy.” said Lion Rock Partner Terence Chang. “It is a great marriage.” Marc Mikulich, VP Brand Management adds, “we tell our readers that with a little help from us, they can do anything…This story takes that promise to the extreme, with lots of laughter and action in the process.”

Partners Wiley and Lion Rock will be approaching distributors with the project in the early fall.

Source: Wiley Publishing, Inc

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