John Travolta and Kelly Preston must relive the pain again in trial

It doesn’t seem right, that a parent who loses a beloved child must face a trial to punish those who tried to profit from the death.

Sadly, actors John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston must endure more reliving of their son Jett’s shock death from January 2, 2009, that happened while the entire family was vacationing in the Bahamas.

The couple has laid low since the tragedy, tending to their daughter Ella Bleu and not appearing much, save for a recent film junket where Travolta thanked his fans for their support and good wishes.

But now the extortion trial related to his son’s death is set to begin in the Bahamas, and he must be there to testify, according to CNN.

According to the report, an EMT, Tarino Lightbourn, and a former Bahamian senator, Pleasant Bridgewater, face charges of conspiring to extort $25 million from the star by allegedly demanding money for a document regarding Jett’s care.

Both of the accused have pleaded not guilty.

Medics had tried to revive a collapsed Jett, who was then transported to a hospital, by another ambulance driver who completed the trip.

Jett was pronounced dead at the hospital later that morning.

According to reports, Lightbourn kept a one-page “refusal to transport” form that Travolta allegedly signed that day.

Apparently two weeks later, Lightborn’s lawyer, Pleasant Bridgewater, called an attorney for Travolta and said her client wanted to sell the document to the Travoltas.

Travolta later filed an extortion complaint.

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