John Mark Karr plots for movie with Johnny Depp playing lead

Crazy as a s**t house rat John Mark Karr, recently arrested for the self-confessed murder of JonBenet Ramsey, now appears to just be a garden variety pedophile loon who apparently needed free airfare from Thailand to the States.

The DNA was not a match, and the current scuttlebutt is that Karr will be angling for a book deal and a movie of the week to cement his place in history’s all-time cuckoo crazy hall of fame.

Obtained by The Smoking Gun, it was revealed in a taped conversation between Karr and the journalism professor to whom he falsely confessed, that the once-suspected killer has specific ideas about the actor slated to play the pivotal role of John Mark Karr:

“I already know the actor I want to play my part…Johnny Depp…He reminds me so much of me. And he looks like me. And he would play the part perfectly… very similar to my personality except for the fact that Willy Wonka did not know how to treat children, he had no knowledge of how to be around children. But the other thing is that I’ve seen him in films over and over. And he was in a very good film called The Secret Window and he played this writer. It’s his look, it’s his age, it’s the fact that he’s an attractive man and he fits my part perfectly.”

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