John Cleese and Britt Ekland couple rumor

John Cleese has dumped his young American girlfriend and found interest in the company of seasoned beauty Britt Ekland, according to Hello!

The former Bond girl Britt Ekland, 65, was squired by Cleese to dinner in Edinburgh’s Cafe Royal Oyster Bar this weekend.

Ekland is performing in part of the city’s annual Fringe festival.

John reportedly broke it off with his 34-year-old girlfriend love.

“He went to see Britt’s show and was quite taken with her,” says a Hello! snitch. “He then invited her out for dinner afterwards.”

Ekland was married to the late Peter Sellers and had a romance with rocker Rod Stewart – reportedly was smitten with her 68-year-old dinner companion, who is resolving an expensive and acrimonious divorce currently.

“She was charmed by John and found him very funny,” said the Hello! source.

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