Jessica Simpson still going on about Daisy the dog

Jessica Simpson thinks her dog Daisy would want her to move on.

Some predator coyote allegedly took Miss Daisy away to the big dog park in the sky over a month ago, and the event has been the talk of Twitter ever since.

“Daisy meant the world to me,” Simpson told “I hold her memory very, very close. It was an unfortunate thing what happened. That I don’t have her every day… It’s a very hard thing to talk about.”

The pup was a gift from ex Nick Lachey, and reportedly was taken by a coyote in her Los Angeles backyard.

A new replacement dog is still being considered. “I haven’t really thought about another dog yet, but maybe sometime,” she told Us. “[Daisy] would want that.”

The dog’s disappearance has sparked false Tweets of hope from “fans” claiming Daisy was seen, “People who have been contacting my family and friends saying that Daisy has been found,” she posted. “Untrue. People are so cruel… please respect her memory.”

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