Jessica Simpson and Vanessa Minnillo war over hairsnipper

With all the great hair cutters in Southern California, it seems ludicrous that two stars would be feuding over who gets to claim ownership of a stylist. 

Recent rumors indicate that Jessica Simpson and Vanessa Minnillo are feuding over hairdresser Ken Paves, in addition to that little Nick Lachey thing too.

Ken has been Jessica’s stylist for a long time, but allegations have come up that Vanessa has been asking for his services too. 

Star magazine insiders reported:  “Jess is furious with Vanessa for going after her longtime stylist, Ken. Vanessa had her assistant contact Ken in March to find out his availability.  They couldn’t lock anything down, so Vanessa called Ken in early April.  He told her he’d be happy to take her on.”

Star’s snitch claims: “She (Jessica) found out, and lashed out at Ken and called him a traitor and tried to force him to choose between her and Vanessa!”


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