Jessica Biel close to ‘Total Recall’

Jessica Biel has been offered one of the two female leads in Columbia’s reboot of “Total Recall,” the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger sci-fi action movie directed by Paul Verhoeven.

According to Variety, Colin Farrell is starring as Douglas Quaid while Bryan Cranston will play the villain Vilos Cohaagen.

The 1990 film and reboot are based on the Philip K. Dick short story “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale.”

It is unknown which of the two female leads (Lori and Melina) Biel has been offered.

In the 1990 film, Sharon Stone played Lori and Rachel Ticotin played Melina.

Len Wiseman is directing from a script by Kurt Wimmer.

Neal Moritz is producing through his Sony-housed Original Film production company.

“Recall” follows Douglas Quaid, a man haunted by a recurring dream of journeying to Mars who buys a literal dream vacation from a company called Rekall Inc., which sells implanted memories. Quaid comes to believe he is a secret agent and ends up on a Martian colony, where he joins the fight to overthrow an evil ruler (Vilos Cohaagen) controlling the production of air.
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