Jessica Biel cast in ‘A Woman of No Importance’

Hollywood’s it girl, actress Jessica Biel has scooped up Lindsay Lohan’s intended movie role.

Jessica, 24, will play Hester Worsley in the film version of Oscar Wilde’s “A Woman of No Importance,” reports In Touch magazine..

Lindsay made the announcement last week that she was pulling out of the film, to concentrate on her recovery.  In Touch alleges Lohan is becoming “hard to insure” after consistent illness and unplanned leaves interrupted her last few movies.

Jessica taking over the role is said to “reignite a festering feud” between the two stars, according to In Touch.

Some of this bad blood stems from a change of employees.  Lindsay, 20, was livid when her assistant, Miss Ratowsky, left her to work for the gorgeous and not scandal plagued star of “The Illusionist.”

Lohan had run into them at a private party in New York in November, reducing Lindsay to a shrill complainer at the sight of Ratowsky who accompanied Jessica.

“A Woman of No Importance” will be directed by Bruce Beresford and stars Annette Bening and Sean Bean, is tentatively due to start filming this spring

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