Jennifer Jason Leigh to leave Abigail’s Party

***image2:left***New York: has reported that Jennifer Jason Leigh will play her final performance in the Off-Broadway production of Abigail’s Party on March 11th to begin work on a film by her husband, Noah Bumbauch. Gayton Scott will replace her beginning March 13th.

The New Group’s Off-Broadway production of Abigail’s Party has been extended twice. Originally set to close on January 7, 2006, it was first extended to February 11th then to April 8th.

Mike Leigh’s classic satire of British suburbia in the 1970’s opened at the Acorn Theater on December 1st. Starring is Jennifer Jason Leigh, Max Baker, Lisa Emery, Darren Goldstein, and Elizabeth Jasicki. Scott Elliot directs. 

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