Jennifer Aniston denies she can’t keep a maniston

Jennifer Aniston denied reports she has broken up with Vince Vaughn during a taping of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” Wednesday.  Yet Aniston never admitted to dating him, so what does it mean now that she’s admitting to not breaking up with him?

The former “Friends” star was appearing on the show to promote “Room 10,” a short film she co-directed as a project for Glamour magazine.

Audience member Rochelle Alfaro told People magazine that Aniston insisted she and Vaughn have not split.  

The appearance on Oprah was on the heels of a scathing Us Weekly article that called Jennifer Aniston on the carpet for her ‘court and thwart’ PR tactics – inviting public fascination into her life and then complaining about it incessantly afterwards.

Does appearing on Oprah not count as media manipulation?


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