Jenna Jameson ‘a devout Catholic’ and pregnant too

Celebrity news can go off the deep end as it did today, with Madonna comparing McCain to Hitler, and Jenna Jameson proclaiming herself a devout Catholic.

Jameson announced to she “is going to be a mommy.”

“Yes, I can confirm I’m pregnant. It’s still early, so I’m being cautious. I’m resting as much as possible,” she tells “I’m so happy!”

Her boyfriend and MMA (mixed martial art) fighter Tito Ortiz, “are still in a state of shock….I’m just saying super healthy,” she says. “I’ve moved down to the beach with Tito — I love being by the beach.”

Jameson is 34, and her public divorces from adult film studio owner Jay Grdina in 2006 and from porn star Brad Armstrong in 2001 caused the porn actress to lose a shocking amount of weight, and are the alleged reasons she refuses to marry Ortiz.

“I think I’m gonna stay unmarried and just go for the babies!” she told Us. “I’m following in Angelina’s footsteps!”

UsWeekly claims she is a devout Catholic “who has tried in vitro…’It was all in God’s plan,’ she said”

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