Jason Mewes talks Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil on FEARnet

FEARnet is launching its new “Twisted Comedy” block on Tuesday, August 2, at 10 p.m.

Horror fans can enjoy this new programming through FEARnet’s linear cable channel.

First up is “Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil,” a supernatural comedy that focuses on the story of a small-town high school kid trying to save the world by using the dark powers of a mysterious book that grants seemingly innocuous wishes with sinister, unexpected, cataclysmic and downright satanic side effects.

The show runs at 10 p.m., then has encore airings at 11:15 p.m. on Tuesdays and 4:30 a.m. on Wednesdays.

The show stars Alex House, Maggie Castle, Bill Turnbull, Melanie Leishman and Chris Leavins, and features Jason Mewes (‘Mallrats,’ ‘Clerks,’ ‘Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back’).

The show was very successful in its Canadian television debut and is being shown to U.S. audiences for the first time. Then comes ‘Psychoville’ at 10:30 p.m., with encore showings at 11:45 p.m. on Tuesdays and 5:00 a.m. on Wednesdays.

This program is also available to viewers in the States for the first time, having aired on BBC Two, where it earned the prestigious British Comedy Award for “Best New TV Comedy.”

‘Psychoville’ centers on a group of unusual characters haunted by a mysterious blackmailer. It is the only comedy ever to feature a serial-killer obsessed man-child, a one-handed clown, a blind tycoon and a possibly telekinetic dwarf.

During the recent San Diego Comic-Con, Mewes, who plays Jimmy the Janitor, was interviewed by Monsters and Critics about ‘Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil.’

Monsters & Critics: How did you get this role?

Jason M: Don’t tell anyone else this, but I sort out of blew the producer. (Laugh) No, I’m just kidding. I was on ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’ for three episodes, and the line producer on that show years and years ago had developed a short called ‘Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil’ for a film festival. My buddy Jim Jackman worked on it with him. When we did ‘Degrassi,’ they told me they were trying to get this project going, and I told them, “I’d love to do more Canadian TV, including more TV in general.”

Jim told the guys, Anthony, Leo and Andrew Rosen, and they asked if I was interested in the part. I met them, and I told them I was stoked to do it because I liked the idea of the show, which in itself is good.

M&C: Did you like the fact that this role mixed drama with comedy?

Jason M: Definitely, because the character is sort of serious and not just straight-up comedy, which I’ve played enough. He’s kind of a mentor/guru kind of thing, so that was a plus. Is your character like Yoda in that he gives advice that doesn’t make sense at the time, but the meaning becomes clearer later on?

Yes, not only does it not makes sense, but it can also sound silly. For instance, Todd wants the girl to pay attention to him, but instead of telling to get buy her flowers, he says, “Put her in danger, but be sure to save her. That’ll get her attention.” It’s definitely fun.

M&C: Are you a fan of horror, and did that attract you to this role?

Jason M: All the weird sort of heavy metal and the book and the cult and weird creatures—I’m into that. It reminds me of ‘Tales From The Crypt.’ Each episode is really bizarre.

M&C: Are they going to explain how your character is unfazed by all this craziness around him?

Jason M: They’re starting to, they’re going to start talking more and more about it, and explain it. They didn’t tell me much in the beginning, giving me sort of a little idea of what’s going on, but they’re explaining it a little more in season two. I just got to see recently all the episodes they have while we were shooting season two, but season one is going to start airing in the U.S., so everyone will catch up, which will be fun.

At the end of one there is not necessarily a cliffhanger, but they start evolving and explaining more so the opening of two explains even more of what’s going on. All of them are great, it’s awesome. It’s definitely funny, and there are cool monsters. They touch on real subjects, like kids not feeling smart enough, too ugly, or too fat.

M&C:  Can you tell us about the episode called “Monster Fat?”

Jason M: It’s about a girl who is overweight and feels ugly. She gets hold of the book and gets real skinny and beautiful. The fat melts off her and forms a fat monster, who starts shooting everyone with the fat. That makes the whole school become heavy, so the kids have to stop it.

M&C: So this show will appeal to more than just teenagers?

Jason M: Definitely. It’s set in a high school, but anyone can really watch it.

M&C: Any other projects you’re working on that you’d like people to know about?

Jason M: Kevin Smith and I do a morning radio show and every Friday we do a live podcast. You can check all that out at smodcast.com. We’re touring again and do a show every Friday night.

Like many teenagers, Todd and his friends have a language all their own. Here are a few examples: “Holy Jupiter Shit” – A great way to express how bad something is about to go down. It’s similar to “Holy shit,” but adding “Jupiter” demonstrates ho series the situation is. “Jocktard” – A dumb jock … I mean, it’s kind of self-explanatory … unless you’re a jocktard. “Bumrod” – It’s kind of like a nimrod, but we like to bring in bums as much as we can.

“Genre fans are the most passionate fans in the entertainment universe, and we are committed to giving them the best programming,” said Peter Block, FEARnet’s president and general manager. “These new series’ are like nothing else on television. They complement our programming perfectly, and they will absolutely make our audience continue to scream, but this time with laughter.”

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