Jason Bateman lied about jump, say iPhone line spies UPDATE

According to UsMagazine.com, Jason Bateman lied about iPhone line jumping snafu.

Ratted out by witnesses, Bateman was caught dead to rights claims Usmagazine.com

Two sources confirmed the actor, 41, outraged more than 2,000 people by cutting in line for an iPhone 4 last week, he wrote on Twitter, “There wasn’t one boo. Not one hiss. The Apple guy brought me in away from the paparazzi. Period. I was content in line. I wish I’d stayed.”

But more eyewitnesses have come forward to back up Us’ report that he was escorted by employees into the store. And there was, at most, one photographer “who kept a respectful distance,” customer Andrew Hamer tells Us.

“It was so much drama! It was the most surreal experience. People were so pissed because that line was ridiculous,” adds Angela Mayhew, who was one of the first people in line who arrived at 3:30 A.M.

Mayhew tells Us that Bateman arrived to the L.A. Apple store around 4:45 A.M., and initially waited “like everybody else.” But around 10 A.M., he was escorted inside first.

“I heard commotion in the back. I thought someone was fighting,” says Mayhew. “Then he strolls right on by with the Genius Bar guys and suddenly people in my area started to yell, ‘What the hell is going on?'”

Bateman’s pal Keith Olbermann slammed Us on his MSNBC show, saying fans were booing at paparazzi, but Mayhew insists they were yelling “at him!”

“It was loud, passive-aggressive anger. There was a chorus of boos and then people shouting, ‘What?’ and ‘We’ve been here for hours!’ We were patiently waiting before then [and] that just made everyone’s blood boil,” adds Mayhew. “Plus, people starting yelling at the Apple guys too. They escorted him like he was a pretty big deal.”

Mayhew sat next to Bateman as the Apple employees personally transferred over his contacts to his new phone. “Then when he was done, he was out of there in a flash,” she fumed to Us.

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