Jane’s Addiction returns with ‘Up from the Catacombs’ collection

A band of underground Hollywood lore with a penchant for over-the-top music mixed with big-top showmanship, nothing about Jane’s Addiction was small scale. Having recorded a pair of influential studio albums, the hard-rocking California quartet retired in 1991 after organizing a traveling summer festival-Lollapalooza-for its farewell tour. 

Rhino reunites all the best from the band’s past for their first-ever career-spanning compilation ‘Up from the Catacombs: The Best of Jane’s Addiction’ – available September 19th for the suggested retail price of $18.98.

‘Up from the Catacombs’ brings together 16 enduring songs recorded by the Los Angeles-based quartet-Perry Farrell on vocals, Dave Navarro on guitar, Eric Avery on bass, Stephen Perkins on drums, and featuring two tracks with bassist Chris Chaney, who replaced Avery in 2003.

The collection contains music from all five of the band’s domestic albums including their live, self-titled debut (1987); ‘Nothing’s Shocking’ (1988); ‘Ritual De Lo Habitual’ (1990); the rarities collection ‘Kettle Whistle’ (1997) and the band’s much-anticipated reunion, ‘Strays’ (2003).

Drawing mostly from Jane’s Addiction’s two landmark studio albums ‘Nothing’s Shocking’ and ‘Ritual De Lo Habitual,’ ‘Up from the Catacombs’ explores the band’s unmistakable dynamic sound with fan favorites “Been Caught Stealing,” “Stop!,” “Ocean Size,” “Summertime Rolls,” “Mountain Song,” “Ain’t No Right,” “Classic Girl,” “Ted, Just Admit It…,” “Pigs In Zen,” “Had A Dad” and “Three Days.”

‘Up from the Catacombs’ also includes tracks from each of the remaining three albums: “Whores” and “I Would For You” from ‘Jane’s Addiction;’ a rousing live version of their classic “Jane Says” from ‘Kettle Whistle;’ and from ‘Strays,’ their smash comeback single “Just Because” and the theme from HBO’s hit series Entourage, “Superhero.” 

‘Up from the Catacombs: The Best of Jane’s Addiction’ is now available for pre-order at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information and a complete track listing.

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