Jamie Lee Curtis ‘More’ beautiful than ever at fifty

Jamie Lee Curtis is a kick-ass and take names comedic-action heroine who has aged beautifully into a renaissance artist of sorts; she is a photographer, and pens award-winning childrens books and is heavily involved in numerous philanthropic causes.

She is also a titled Lady, thanks to her nearly 24-year union with filmmaker and actor Christopher Guest, aka Lord Haden-Guest.

 Jamie Lee Curtis in Malibu (Photo: Andrew Eccles)

Jamie Lee Curtis in Malibu (Photo: Andrew Eccles)

The recent issue of More magazine celebrates the milestone birthday of Jamie Lee; the actress talks about turning fifty in November.  Her athletic frame and trademark spiky hair-cut complement Jamie’s natural beauty; her look never too fussy, even in her bomb-shell “Wanda” and “True Lies” days.

Curtis has a pragmatic philosophy on ageing that resonates for many.   

“I don’t want to be 60 and getting a call from a third assistant director telling me I have night shooting,” Curtis says. “I don’t want to worry about what I look like, whether I’ve got my big boobies pouring out of a gown.”

“I have watched, my whole life, people age and become buffoons,” she adds. “When you crest in your 30s or 40s and then you don’t pull out of the public eye, you become a caricature.

You have to have grace, dignity, and gratitude, and walk away kind of slowly, like you’re walking away from a bear.” She mimics someone doing that: “‘I’m going to go now, bear. Don’t kill me, don’t rip my f*cking face off.'”

“I’m the daughter of pretend people,” Jamie shared with Strawberry Saroyan in the July/August edition of More.

“My mother was Jeanette Morrison; my father was Bernard Schwartz.  They kind of changed to become these stars.”

Curtis reveals that her parent’s divorce was hard for her.  “I had no way of communicating that.  In my home, you did not say ‘boo.’ It was a very old-school upbringing in that way.”

Hard to believe that the comely actress turned author and activist who held her own on screen with Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Cleese, Dan Akroyd and Eddie Murphy was intimidated by anyone in her life.

“I was intimidated by anyone who had beauty and intellect,” she reveals.  Her career as an actress is also made light of, as Curtis dismissed her cinematic achievements to the More reporter.

“Becoming famous for doing absolutely nothing…I was making horror movies, six of them in a row.  I’ve done movies I didn’t care about my entire life.  The quality ones are an accident.  That’s the luck of the freakin’ draw.”

More magazine celebrates women over forty with edgy, relevant and modern topics, and features Jamie Lee Curtis as the July/August issue cover story; on stands now.


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