James McAvoy nearly a priest until he read the fine print

Actor James McAvoy broke hearts in the Oscar-nominated romance, “Atonement,” and now stars in the upcoming fairy tale comedy, “Penelope.”

James McAvoy gets candid with “Extra’s” Terri Seymour. He opens up about the pressures of fame, nearly becoming a priest and making out with Angelina Jolie.

McAvoy claims he’ll never get used to the red carpet flashbulbs and Hollywood fame. “Part of you gets used to it [attention] and part of you remains totally freaked out.”

Surprisingly, McAvoy reveals that he once thought about  becoming a priest declaring, “For about five minutes and then I quickly realized in order to become a Catholic priest, one would have to give up conjugal rights.”

McAvoy co-stars with screen siren Angelina Jolie in the upcoming movie, “Wanted.”  About shooting the love scenes with the mega movie star, McAvoy admits, “It was fine. Those things are always embarrassing.”

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