James Franco talks about his higher purpose

Taking time out to go back to college changed actor James Franco’s life and perspective.

“I was pretty unhappy…I wasn’t satisfied with acting,” shared the co-star of “Milk” to Extra.

A Golden Globe winner, Franco was on a promotional tour for his upcoming film, “Milk” and revealed how going back to school changed his personal and professional life.

Franco told Extra, “About three years ago, I was pretty unhappy. I had done some movies that I wasn’t pleased with. I wasn’t satisfied with acting…I got to a point where I needed something more…Finally, I came to think that going to school would be the answer…And it was great.”

Just graduating from UCLA and now pursuing two grad programs in New York, Franco credits college for changing his mindset.

He continued, “It just emphasized and made it clear that I could do movies with people who I believe in and who’s vision I believe in and not to worry about the extraneous stuff [like] box office, critical reception…”

Pursuing higher education has had a profound impact on Franco’s professional choices saying, “Not that I ever went into a movie to sabotage it, but I’ve come to the realization that movies are the director’s medium…I’d be thinking about myself more…It caused unpleasant relationships on set but now I know it’s all about working with the director. Trying to help the director… to achieve his vision…Makes me really think more of who’s vision I want to help accomplish [when choosing roles to take.]”

As for Franco’s future, he commented, “I’m still in school, just graduated from UCLA and pursuing two grad programs in New York. I get to act and pursue my other interests so I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

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