James Cameron wants special effects to defeat piracy

Las Vegas – Titanic director James Cameron has called on the film industry to wow audiences with special effects and technology in order to combat the threat of piracy and draw movie lovers back to the cinemas.

Warning that Hollywood is ‘in a fight for survival,’ Cameron said it should offer films in digital 3-D to counteract declining sales and rampant piracy.

‘Maybe we just need to fight back harder, come out blazing, not wither away and die,’ Cameron said at the National Association of Broadcasters’ Digital Cinema Summit in Las Vegas.

‘Digital 3-D is a revolutionary form of showmanship that is within our grasp. It can get people off their butts and away from their portable devices and get people back in the theatres where they belong,’ he said.

‘It offers a powerful experience which you can only have in the movie theatre.’

Cameron also predicted that within a few years every major studio will release their major movies in 3-D and revealed that he is working on a rerelease of Titanic using 3-D technology.

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