Irish Musician Sarah McGuinness at 2012 Halyon Unplugged Festival in Donegal, Ireland

Special summer fun awaits those who are across the pond, as beautiful singer/songwriter Sarah McGuinness is scheduled to headline the 2012 Halyon Unplugged Festival in Donegal, Ireland from July 6 to July 8.

Halyfest 2012, the first festival of its kind in the area, is a celebration of the arts and senses; an amalgam of unplugged and traditional music, gastronomic and vinous delights, beautiful photos and painting exhibitions, authors reading aloud, filmmakers, open dancing and talented creative minds coming together under the summer sun in the Inishowen Peninsula of Ireland.


Sarah is well-known for composing and performing all the titles from the Emmy-nominated documentary, “Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story”, and for recently opening for Izzard at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.


Her sultry smoky vocal stylings are complemented by her indie rock sound. Her unforgettable and vulnerable live performances have been described as “heart-rendingly evocative” while her lyrics will easily “seduce you into listening.”

To view some of her performances, please visit her YouTube channel at:


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