Intimia Breast Pillow keeps décolleté line free, comfort for new mothers

One of the biggest worries many women have are chest lines that are caused by the weight of large breasts for side sleepers. Women get Botox, fillers and peels, but the chest skin is problematic and tricky to remedy. Too much Sun exacerbates the problem too.

Many woman have comfort concerns – those who are pregnant, breastfeeding or dealing with cardiac surgery.

The weight and tenderness of the breast makes sleeping a challenge and they often have to wear uncomfortable and unhealthy bras to bed.

A Bay Area businesswoman, Registered Nurse Irene Komsky, has a solution that addresses all these issues. Komsky was a Registered Cosmetic Nurse for 20 years, and she noticed how women were self-conscious about lines in an area of their body they least expected it.

She invented the Intimia Pillow, and tested this pillow on women worldwide, proving the device minimized wrinkles in the general bust area and provided great pain relief. Intimia allows women to sleep soundly, giving support and eliminating that feeling of stressed skin around the breast.

Boasting the slogan “Designed in California, sold globally,” the Intimia Pillow is inspired by patients who, after spending thousands of dollars in surgical and aesthetic procedures, were still not fully satisfied with their looks, complaining of wrinkles resembling crows’ feet ruining the smoothness of their cleavage and lower neck.

“Sleeping on your side may cause wrinkles in the chest area, and can become permanent due to repetitive creasing, which causes collagen in the skin to break down,” Komsky says.


Intimia ends this problem by supporting the cleavage with a soft pillow, which molds to the contours of the body, proven as the only U.S. patented non-invasive solution for wrinkle prevention.

Wearing a regular bras to bed can cause breast cysts, pain, and even cancer, according to Komsky. The lymphatic system can be restricted from releasing everyday toxins. Komsky takes a page out of Dressed To Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras, by authors Sidney Ross Singer and Soma Grismajier, and goes a step further in promoting a healthy, novel way to minimize these risks.

The Intimia Pillow makes a great gift for a new mother, many of whom experience pain and tenderness. For cardiac surgery patients the pillow allows the incision area to heal properly so the weight of the breast does not pull when a woman shifts in her sleep.

The straps are easily adjustable and I have slept with it for a full week so far, and found the pillow to be something you don’t even think about once you get it on and adjust to fit. It really helped me, and I would recommend this as a gift for any woman over a B Cup, especially pregnant women and those who have had surgery.


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