Interview: Anura Thamardt

Hi Anura, first of all thank you very much for this interview. To give our readers a basic, please introduce yourself briefly and tell them about your career up today.

Born and grown up in Krefeld, studied 1-2 semester Physics at the University of Siegen, studied Art with Diploma in Visual Communication at University of Aachen, 1 year London, 4 years New York and now also in Duesseldorf. I refused to visit young as I was at that time an Art Academy, even I got the offer to do so from an Professor for Art because I thought and think still that you also should have more life experience being a good artist.

Why do you paint pictures and who discovered this talent? Did you get lessons or did you develop your skills on your own?

I simple love using colors and forms since my early childhood. I kept my parents really busy to keep up with my permanent demand for more paper. Painting or drawing gave me the possibility to enlarge the small frame, in which I grew up as a child.

Besides that I could create my own realities and I also could produce permanently feelings of happiness. If talent, my former class teacher in elementary school and my former classmates discovered it: The exercise was to paint a portrait of a classmate.
So I did, the whole class decided that mine was the best of all and my class teacher ask for an Art teacher to have a look on my portrait, and the opinion of both was, that they never have seen an unusual work like this in that age ever before. Myself I could not realize anything special at my own portrait, in opposite, I had the opinion, I had to do some more improvements in any case.

All of that, I took lessons, studied art and did experiences of my own for my development.

How can someone go about their own artistic development?

By visiting exhibitions, reading literature about art, investigate in the net, exchange with colleagues and people who are interested in art and then their own experiences of course.

You told me, that you have not only lived in Germany. Where else have you been attracted to, what did you expect and what was the final result?

I moved to London and New York to get influenced from these pulsating and cosmopolitan cities. The result were works like  “ Hidden Smile”, “Fire” and “ Armed Angel” for example, some good contacts and first of all selling of more artworks.

What is the meaning in your works? What about the personal meaning to you?

First of all it varies from theme to theme of the paintings. Than every work has an individual meaning for each observer. Personally for me each of my work has a very important meaning of course, otherwise I would not take the time for them. About a part of my works some art historians have written really brilliant.

You have met some famous people. Were they a source of inspiration?

Some of the personalities have touched me with their charisma very much. Chuck Close with his oversized portraits has inspired me to involve myself even more really into the theme portrait as before. Christo & Jeanne Claude to enlarge my space for artistic work in a natural way, Bianca Jagger with her political engagement to continue also my artistic-political commitment and Leo Castelli has still strengthen my belief in my success as an artist.

The Fire by Anura Thamardt.

‘The Fire’ by Anura Thamardt.

What was it like to meet these people?

Simply I would say, I was glad to have the possibility to learn more about these people and to interchange thoughts with them.

Only regarding Leo Castelli it was overwhelming for me, because I never have expect to speak with this genius of an art dealer in person. You can compare him with for example the pope for a strong believing catholic or Einstein for a scientist. This important role Castelli played in his lifetime in the art scene worldwide. He was anyway the reason for me to move to New York, because he wanted to see all my further works in the future. Unfortunately it didn’t happened, because he died before I could meet him again.

Do you take somebody as a rolemodel? If so, who?

Picasso, first of all with his quotation:” …, but I needed a lifetime to paint like a child.” Jawlensky, Escher, Braque, Magritte, Niki de Saint Phalle, Warhol, Gerhard Richter, Steve Miller and many more. They are really to many, who are somehow in different ways a model for me. Well known artist and unknown.

What inspires you especially?

Everything inspires me, the whole world with all his facets, forms and changes is more than enough to inspirit me. I don’t need something special for inspiration. This world is really inspiration enough. A clod of earth inspires me as much as the design of a snake. Also there are bubbling always some ideas out of my subconscious into my consciousness from who knows.

Where can our reader see your art work ?

In original either in Eickholt Gallery in New York or in Duesseldorf in the gallery The Art Cube. Otherwise in the relevant websites. Own new website is under construction.

What interests you the most about a person?

The eyes, it does not matter if from a person or an animal. In the eyes you can recognize all. If somebody is happy or sad, kind or mean, self-confident or insecure. The reflexes of light and shadows in the eyes shows you all parts of the character in concentrated form. For that I take most of the time at my work.

What kind of projects are there coming up? What are your future plans?

Exhibitions in Paris, London, Barcelona, Shanghai, Dubai. A new artistic-political project, to find and realize interesting – art at architecture- projects, to create and paint a theatre scenery for a relevant touching play. And first of all more portraits.

Thank you so much for the interview and all the best for the future. You are welcome also to say some words to our readers.

Picasso’s quotation is more important as people might think usually, not only regarding painting, also generally regarding to a lot of fields. To respect the naturalness of a child and purity of his soul, that’s what an adult can do himself as huge favour.