In photos: ‘Game Plan’ stars pay it forward

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment and Children For Children teamed up on February 1 for the Los Angeles school revitalization project themed to the blockbuster movie “The Game Plan.”

Football fever hit Los Angeles as stars of The Game Plan, students and volunteers from the Children for Children (CFC)® organization huddled up to paint a mural for the Bethune Middle School. 

Madison Pettis (“Peyton Kelly”), Hayes MacArthur (“Kyle Cooper”), Brian White (“Jamal Webber”), and Jamal Duff (“Clarence Monroe”) were onsite in support of the event and CFC charity organization. 

The mural was themed to, and in honor of, the DVD release of The Game Plan, which hit streets on January 22, 2008. 

CFC is a non profit organization founded by parents, and fosters community involvement and social responsibility in young people.  
Bethune Middle School has nearly 100% of the students attending qualify for the Federal Free Lunch program, and it is located in a tough neighborhood in the city. 

The school serves 6th through 8th grades; two 6th grade classrooms will participate in the project side by side with CFC volunteers and actors from the film, who will serve as mentors and role models during this project.

CFC engages more than 55,000 young people across the country each year.  Children for Children was recently named one of Charity Navigator’s Top 10 Charities Worth Watching and received its highest rating of four stars. To learn more, visit:

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