In-depth interview with Richard Thompson Ford

There is a fascinating in-depth interview with Richard Thompson Ford, author of “The Race Card.”

Ford is a law professor at Stanford University, and his book was published back in January of this year, to positive reviews.

“…as a lawyer, he does not pad his examples nor arguments with moralizing and faux insights; instead he cuts to the meat, snaps the bone, and gorges on the slim marrow of substance such a topic proffers. And in that marrow, Ford’s ideas and analyses provoke thought, whether you feel his ideas are more of the same old liberal gobbledygook, or reprehensible Uncle Tomming designed to give cover for racist whites; and both claims are sure to be hurled, for Ford’s lawyerly training makes him hew to an impassive and evenhanded cost/benefit analysis, whereas most writers- especially with social psychology bona fides, would rather rake muck with easy emotionalism,” the interviewer noted in an earlier review of the book.

I encourage readers to seek out this interview, as well as Ford’s book, “The Race Card.”

Publishers Weekly has said:

“In delineating the differences between formal discrimination, discriminatory intent and discriminatory effects, Ford also reviews thorny legal cases involving, for example, McDonnell Douglas and Price Waterhouse. Readers all along the political spectrum will find much to please, annoy and provoke thought about the thin line between invidious discrimination and plan old unfairness.”

Read the interview here.


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