IGA provides in-game ads for free-to-play Quake Live

Renowned DOOM creator id Software has this week announced that in-game advertising specialist IGA Worldwide will be providing the full integration of all related in-game advertising, sponsorship and creative branding for the studio’s free-to-play Quake Live experience.

Available cost-free to any interested gamer with a broadband connection and delivered through the system’s browser, access to Quake Live can easily be attained via the game’s official Web site at quakelive.com.

“This partnership is only the latest testament to the increasing acceptance of in-game [ads] as an effective, measurable advertising medium and a strategic revenue opportunity for publishers and developers,” enthused IGA chief executive officer Justin Townsend through an official statement regarding the deal.

Based on id Software’s 1999 multiplayer release, Quake III Arena, Quake Live enables first-person shooter fans to vent their collective action spleens in a solid online multiplayer environment that offers up friends lists, sponsored events, gamer communication, matchmaking functions and related game tournaments.

id Software is currently recruiting gamers to take part in its Quake Live beta test program. Those interested in getting advanced access to both the game and its official Web site in return for supplying play testing and feedback suggestions should sign up by clicking HERE.

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