Idol’s David Archuleta, no prom and a tough dad

American Idol odds favorite is young David Archuleta, who began his journey on the talent show at age 16.

The young Mormon boy from Utah is not going to make his high school prom due to the strict “Idol’s” limits on travel for contestants while the show is taping.

TMZ reports that David’s prom takes place this weekend in Murray, Utah will be celebrated without the smiling, sweet faced kid.

Contestant Brooke White also had to adhere to these rules and missed her sister’s wedding.

Archuleta’s rise in popularity comes with some back-story revealed recently by none other than Nashville star, Naomi Judd.

Archuleta’s stage dad Jeff alleged heavy handedness has prompted some criticism from the red-headed beauty.  

Jeff Archuleta’s heavy-handed moves from the talent show “Star Search” inspired Naomi Judd – a judge on “Star Search” when David was a contestant there, to publicly slam the baseball cap wearing father, calling him a “monster dad” and the worst stage dad” ever in an interview with the NBC Today show, according to a report from the New York Daily News.

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