I Am Grimalkin – Book Review

Another installment in the Wardstone chronicles – which is definitely not suitable for reading after dark!  Grimalkin has one aim in life – to destroy the Fiend.  She has joined forces with the Spook and his apprentice in a bid to deal with the fiend.  Having cut off his head, she is now carrying it in a bag with her. 

Only if she can find the best way of dealing with the still living head can she ensure the fiend is dead for all time.  Chased across the country by those who want to capture the head (and its power) for themselves; it is possibly not the best time to start training a new assassin!
Yet this is precisely what she does.  Bloody and at times very gruesome, this is quite an enthralling story especially for readers who are already aware of the Wardstone saga.  New threats are already appearing and no one can be sure of surviving the dreadful fiends that inhabit this landscape.