Huntress #1 – Comic Review

In the first issue of the new DC Comics series Huntress, the female crime fighter leaves the cold streets of Gotham to bring her own form of justice to the Italian city of Naples, and stumbles into a criminal ring shipping girls and guns worldwide.

The issue feels like a classic superhero tale with writer Paul Levitz mixing up the action with a little grit and penciller Marcus To giving the book a glossy animation look. The creators use their setting to establish a different style to the Batman ally.

I have never been a big fan of the Huntress, but I did enjoy this issue and where the creators are headed with the character. Giving her some distance from the rest of the Gotham heroes is a great idea and she seems very at home in the Italian setting.

I also liked how the story took on “real world” crime issues while keep a very superhero feel to it. I am still not completely sold on the series, but am interested to see where it heads with the second issue.

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