How to Paint Flowers in Acrylics – Book Review

The bright, durable pigments present in acrylic paints have become the one of the most flexible and versatile types of paint available to the modern artist.  It can be used like oils, water colours or even impasto. This makes it particularly ideal when painting flowers, creating an almost three dimensional quality. 

In this ‘how to’ book, Tim Fisher explains clearly which techniques to use when capturing the richness and delicate quality of flowers.  From Black Eyed Susans to Hydrangas, poppies and wild roses; the range of flowers covered is quite wide.  There are clear step by step photographs showing how to develop the paintings of each type of flower. 

Advice is given on composition and dealing with unexpected problems – he even shows mistakes that he himself made, and how they were overcome.  A good solid introduction to the subject.