How to Draw Tattoo Style – Book Review

Decorating one’s body with tattoos has been practiced for centuries, particularly in the Far East.  Tattoos have been used to create messages about a person and their status – often creating a frightening image.  While many people may consider or possess a small tattoo, very few go the whole way and have full body designs.

The design of tattoos is an art in itself. Often highly elaborate and decorative, they can incorporate all kinds of images from flowers to tribal designs, zombies and ships. This book shows how to create those designs, and how to draw them. There are step by step instructions for several unusual designs such as a Jack O’lantern and a ghost cat.

Some interesting background information is provided about the history of tattooing, and the different styles.  A useful book for artists who want to try this very individualistic style of drawing, or need to incorporate it into their art work.