How to Draw Graffiti Style – Book Review

Walking through any town or city, it is hard to avoid seeing graffiti.  Traditionally, it is regarded as something undesirable, to be removed as quickly as possible.  Yet there are artists who turned graffiti art into something special, something very different. 

It is now becoming a recognizable genre of art linked into modern day thinking and attitudes. What began as an underground movement in tube tunnels, it has now gone far beyond simple tag lines and words to embrace figures, scenes and ideas of urban life.

‘Astek’ is now one of London’s most respected graffiti artists having worked in the genre for nearly 30 years, completing authorized works on major walls, and holding gallery shows and commissions.  This book draws on his massive experience.  It explains how to choose to graffiti name, and how to sketch – the most important aspect of this art.

The idiosyncratic lettering found in graffiti art is taught, together with suggestions on creating characters, color use and stenciling.  There is a fascinating introduction explaining graffiti style and how it developed – as well as its links to the internet. Understanding and using computer graphics programs are a key element in developing graffiti skills. The useful ring binder style makes the book much easier to work from, especially if you are working in outside locations. 

A good, solid introduction to the subject.

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