How To Draw and Paint Dragons – Book Review

If you love drawing dragons, this is the book for you.  Tom Kidd not only provides templates and ideas on Dragon style, but gives hints on how to make them authentic.  It includes an incredibly useful chapter on how to use and combine the anatomy and features of actual species such as reptiles and birds (as well as man!) to create a dragon.

Markings from lizards, mammals and even trees can provide ideas to develop skin tones.  Colors are not ignored – what colors work best against different backgrounds and how colors can change the viewer’s perception of a dragon. 

There are lots of examples of how illustrators have used dragons in their art, and advice too is provided on creating the perfect landscape for your dragon.  He shows how to paint them in oils on a step by step basis.

This is a book for keen artists intent on developing their skills in creating fantasy animals.  It is a book that will be a ‘must have’ part of their library, and one which can be referred to constantly.

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