How Much Sex In Marriage? Will Forte, Janet Montgomery, Alyssa Milano On The Talk VIDEOS

TV Rewind: On The Talk, watch as Will Forte and Janet Montgomery visit and Alyssa Milano dishes on Intimacy & Marriage – THE TALK (4/3)

Co-host Alyssa Milano was back, plus Will Forte and Janet Montgomery stopped by! Weigh in on #‎EverybodyTalks‬ topics:

  1. Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris are rumored to be dating after he said she wasn’t his type. Would you date someone after saying that?
  2. Susan Sarandon & Jonathan Bricklin split because her family & the public didn’t think he was good enough. What do you think?
  3. A new sex survey asks how much sex keeps both parties satisfied. Do you think being a happy couple requires having sex 3 to 4 times a week?


Will Forte on ‘The Last Man on Earth’

“Saturday Night Live” alum Will Forte discusses his new comedy, “The Last Man on Earth” and shooting a hilarious love scene with co-star Kristen Schaal. Forte says, “I’m normally not someone who breaks and she is the funniest person around, Kristen Schaal. It’s very hard.”

Janet Montgomery Talks ‘Salem’ & Lucy Lawless

Actress Janet Montgomery discusses her supernatural drama “Salem” and actress Lucy Lawless joining the cast. Montgomery says, “She plays a new enemy of Mary’s [Silbley], my character, and it’s quite difficult because she so lovely.” She also talks about shooting in Shreveport, Louisiana saying, “It’s fine until the snakes come out!”

Alyssa Milano on Importance of Intimacy in Marriage

New study says happy couples have sex three or four times per week. Guest host Alyssa Milano says, “I don’t know if you need to put a number on it, but I will say, that I feel a sexless marriage is an unhappy marriage. There has to be intimacy. You have to make time for each other even more so when you have small children which is super hard. I have two under [age] three and I’m so tired at night, but I try and put blush on before my husband comes home and slip him a little tongue every once in a while.”