Hop – Blu-ray Review

If you’re like me you look forward to the Easter Bunny flying in on his Easter sleigh pulled by his magical flying chicks (or is that his peeps?)…  Hey, wait a minute doesn’t Santa hold the copyright on that??  I smell a lawsuit coming from the North Pole.  This Easter fable will entertain the kids but isn’t exactly anything new or memorable. 

On Easter Island [insert rimshot here], the Easter Bunny (Hugh Laurie) is preparing for the big holiday with his second-in-command Carlos the chick (Hank Azaria).  This year is to be special as he is turning over the mantle of running Easter to his son E.B. (Russell Brand).  Carlos covets the job, but E.B. is more interested in playing the drums instead of taking up the responsibility.

Much to the joy of Carlos and in the week leading up to the big day, E.B. runs away to L.A. to make his fame as a drummer.  There he runs into underachiever Fred O’Hare (James Marsden) who is also having father (Gary Cole) issues.  They hit it off and decide to help one another, but Carlos’ coup threatens to ruin Easter for everyone. 

Hop is about like your typical Easter peep – full of sugar and you’re hungry after you’ve eaten it, but if you’re three years old you gobble them up.  Hop is not exactly steak but hits many of the made for kids movie highlights.  Instead of establishing their own mythos they seem to borrow much from that fat guy in the red suit (who probably eats many peeps) since much of the Easter Bunny’s stuff resembles Santa.  Both have secret factories that prepare for their holidays and deliver their treats in a sleigh. 

The Bunny’s is pulled by magical chicks, is egg shaped, but is certainly owing to the North Pole dwelling elf.  The animation is fun and Brand is amusing as the bunny on the run.  Marsden does have plastic egg charm as our human hero, but they’ve both done these types of roles before.  The animation is wed up with the live action footage quite nice too.  It’s just that the plot is last year’s candy. 

It may not be spoilt but might be a little stale.  Does that matter if you’re a kid?  Probably not as you gobble up any candy you can get your hands on.  Just don’t eat the jelly beans since the plot will put you off of them when you see where they come from. 

Hop is presented in a 1080p high definition transfer (1.85:1).  Special features, all presented in high def, include 9 minutes of featurettes about the “World of Hop,” U-Control that shows picture-in-picture tweets from E.B. and a tracker for the pink berets, the 3 minute mini-movie “Phil’s Dance Party,” the 2 minute “All Access with Copy Simpson,” the 1 minute “Being the Bunny” about Brand,” the 3 minute “Russell Brand’s Kid Crack Ups” where he interviews kids, the 4 minute “Carlos on Carlos” where the chick attends the film opening, the 3 minute “Emotion in Motion” about Phil’s choreography, the 3 minute “Post Coup Commentary” where Carlos and Phil explain themselves, and three games.  Disc two is a DVD copy and you get a code for an UltraViolet copy. 

Hop tries to establish a holiday movie, but borrows heavily from other holiday movies.  It’s still fun enough if you’re a wee one or turn off your brain and let the sugar rush overcome you.  Universal has certainly put it into a nice basket.  Just prepare to be hungry later. 

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