Hollywood Trender: Natural energy boosters that replenish electrolytes, vitamins

Everybody is seeking out the latest, greatest thing when it comes to energy drinks and supplements.

You can find excellent refrigerator staples from liquid nutrition company AgroLabs, a USA company that has an array of new detoxifying juices that taste good and are wonderful to swap for the caffeine laden Red Bulls.

Popular with Craft service pros on set, their new 3 oz. Wheatgrass BOOST shot formula is made in the USA and is available at major grocers and drugstores across the nation.


Wheatgrass BOOST is a handy size, tastes good and is flash pasteurized and prepared using only a certified aseptic process.

Agrolabs’s use of this process maintains a higher level of naturally occurring nutrients while eliminating any harmful bacteria, preservatives or chemicals that are common in Wheatgrass supplements.

Their next great nutritional energy drink is the Coconut Water Recovery Shot, also available in 3 oz. shots, preservative free and natural.


Their chemists have taken pure coconut water and energized it, providing more electrolytes (electrolytes are positively and negatively charged molecules called ions, that are found within the body’s cells and extracellular fluids) and potassium than a banana.  This shot is perfect for before or after exercise. For best results drink 8-12 ounces of water with your daily dose.

Made in USA


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