Hollywood ending for ‘Slumdog’s’ Rubina Ali and Azharuddin Ismail

Rubina Ali and Azharuddin Ismail were real slum dwellers before Danny Boyle’s production found them and cast them in his movie.

Now the kids have been flown in to the glamorous Oscars; they’ve been squired to Disneyland, and now the Indian government sees fit to reward the two child actors with brand new homes.

The new homes will be located in Mumbai for Rubina Ali and Azharuddin Ismail, who portrayed the younger versions of the movie’s central characters, Latika and Salim, played later in the film by Freida Pinto, 24, and Dev Patel, 18.

“These two children have brought laurels to the country, and we have been told that they live in slums, which cannot even be classified as housing,” said Gautam Chatterjee, head of the state-run Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority.

There have been protests in India that these young actors were living in squalor while filmmakers reaped millions.

Academy Award-winning director Danny Boyle and producer Christian Colson have denied claims that children were exploited to make their movie.

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