Holiday Gift Essentials: Diamond Candles Ring In The New Year, Literally

Holiday Gift Essentials: We love the fragrant seasonal candles from American made Diamond Candles, as they feature over 50 scents in their fresh, fruity, floral and exotic collections. For an under $25 gift, these are wonderful to have on and for the gift giving season.


We especially love the Pinecone Holiday candle, it’s clean and fills the home with all the good scents of the season.

There’s a new twist on burning a candle! You might actually score a real gemstone ring!

Diamond Candles, the creator of the RINGCANDLE™, is continuing on its mission to make home fragrance fun with the announcement of its new RINGREVEAL™ experience. Ring Reveal gives customers a fun and engaging new way to reveal a ring worth up to $100, $1,000, or $5,000, starting with the surprise inside each Ring Candle.


As you burn down a Ring Candle, customers will discover a $10 ring and a code that gives them the chance to win another ring worth $100, $1,000, or $5,000! The Ring Reveal code directs customers to where they can enter it into the Ring Reveal experience to see if they’ve won a high value ring.


Once entered, customers “spin” a virtual wheel which activates the video camera on their computer or mobile device, giving them the opportunity to record and capture their immediate reaction upon learning their code’s worth. Reactions can later be shared on social media platforms, including Facebook, for friends to enjoy.

“Ever since we introduced the Ring Candle, we’ve been inspired by the millions of ‘Ring Reveals’ that our customers have shared with us on social media, “ says co-founder and CEO of Diamond Candles, Justin Winter. “Customers experience our brand and our candles in a very different way than traditional candles, and we wanted to create an experience that reflected that.”






Those who win high-value rings have the opportunity to select their style and size from Diamond Candles’ curated ring boutique. Every one in 100 customers win a $100 ring, one in 1,000 win a $1,000 ring, and one in 5,000 win a $5,000 ring.


“With the new Ring Reveal, we’re excited for our customers, both new and existing, to see the candid reactions of themselves and other winners,” said Winter. “In many ways, Ring Reveal is just the beginning as we continue to change how people discover, enjoy, and use home fragrance.”