Holiday 2013 Picks: The 1990s Coloring Book a fun blast from the past

When someone says “a decade ago,” I instantly think of the 90s. Not 2003.

Am I the only one that does that? I think it’s because I was raised in the 90s. I’m not talking teen years, I’m talking formative years. Full House and Boy Meets World were my shows. I wanted to be an Olsen twin—didn’t matter which one (ok, I wanted to be Mary-Kate).

The 90s were da bomb. That decade had everything. Did I look awesome with my slap bracelet and butterfly clips? You bet I did. Was my hot pink Trapper Keeper the coolest one in school? Obviously. Did I pick a side in the N*SYNC vs. Backstreet Boys battle? Lance Bass will always have my heart.

I feel like I got the full scope of the 90s. And that’s why I love The 1990s Coloring Book. It’s like every memory I have packed into my favorite childhood toy. Every page was like a blast from the past. Suddenly I had my 128 pack of crayons (because anything less was a disappointment) by my side and I was coloring in Beanie Babies and giving Chuck Norris a perfect rust-colored beard.


It isn’t just cute and fun to look at; there are little anecdotes at the bottom at each page that literally feel like they came straight from your own thoughts. Plus, as I have grown up, I’ve learned more about some of the 90s scandals, so I can enjoy the page dedicated the OJ Simpson and the glove not fitting.

I caught my roommate going through it the other day and getting ready to start coloring in the Clarissa Explains It All page. I believe her exact words were “This coloring book is flawless.” Then she proceeded to tell me about how she used to sit in front of the TV for hours while watching The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and hoping that someday she would be a Purple Parrot on Legend of the Hidden Temple. These were the dreams of our childhood—and it was wonderful reliving them with The 1990s Coloring Book.

You can find this gem at,, and Urban Outfitters.

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