‘Hitman: Contracts’ Soundtrack Wins At 2005 Bafta Games Awards

The original soundtrack from Eidos’ videogame HITMAN: CONTRACTS, composed and produced by Jesper Kyd, has been awarded best “Original Music” at the 2005 BAFTA Games Awards. The award honours the best original music score within an interactive videogame, recognising excellence in composition, production and integration.

The soundtrack to HITMAN: CONTRACTS features Jesper Kyd’s distinct blend of minimalist electronica and dark orchestral and choral grooves. The soundtrack CD is available through Sumthing Else Music Works and has garnered widespread acclaim as one of the truly groundbreaking original albums from a videogame. “Many have tried to turn a video game soundtrack into a musical experience. But few have succeeded in creating a coherent, satisfying listening experience as well as Jesper Kyd,” noted EQ Magazine.

HITMAN: CONTRACTS explores the dark psychology of killing for a living and is the darkest, most disturbing episode in the series. Developed by IO Interactive, the videogame is available on PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC.

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