History’s Pawn Star$, some thoughts

I settled in to watch "Pawn Star$," History channel’s latest slice of vocational "hey now." <P></P> <P>The show still has not convinced me that shopping in a Pawn store is hands down the most depressing retail experience on the planet.</P> <P>People bring their prized possessions in to be appraised and take the quick loans, in hopes they can repay the Pawn broker and reclaim their treasure.  </P> <P>For this very reason, whenever I have found myself inside a Pawn store, which always felt like I was visiting someone in jail, the heaviness of the circumstance of it all has ruined any thrill of finding a bauble on the cheap.</P> <P>"Pawn Star$" features three generations of Harrison men, and please let me detour here a minute.  It is a sad indictment of our American life and times that the Grandson is the heaviest and most unhealthy of the lot, and the Grandfather is the leanest. Dad is "Mama Bear," right in the middle.   </P> <P>History has found these Harrison fellows, who good-<SPAN class=goog-spellcheck-word goog-spell-original="naturedly">natured</SPAN>ly take the piss out of each other as they wheel and deal, appraise and regale us with sub-stories of all the historical rummage sale fodder that passes through their doors.</P> <P>Some of it is interesting; father Rick Harrison is the center of their booming business. His enthusiastic purchase of a rare 1890 Horchkiss Cannon that may have been used in Cuba for the attack on San Juan Hill is a kick. Only 50 such guns are in existence. </P> <P>The trouble with what I have seen (one episode) is that the cool "Antiques RoadShow" conquests of real discoveries that capture all our attention is usurped by the cheap laugh, "let’s tease Grandpa" crap that has us suffering through back and forth banter between know it all Corey and The Old Man.</P> <P>History Channel producers, make this show more about the conquests and less about the fat bookends that surround Rick Harrison.</P> <P>According to History, each episode of "Pawn Star$" features an array of quirky characters attempting to sell, purchase or pawn items. Everything and everyone has a story and it’s the Harrison family’s job to decipher fact from fiction, because in this business the customer isn’t always right.</P> <P>This show has real potential if someone with good taste and some savvy intervenes.</P> <P>Premiering Sunday, July 19 at 10PM ET on History</P><EMBED src=http://www.youtube.com/v/8eBr8Th__NA&hl=en&fs=1& width=425 height=344 type=application/x-shockwave-flash allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always"></EMBED>Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.