Hiromi Kanda – ‘Hiromi In Love’ – Album Review

Hiromi Kanda’s new studio album ‘Hiromi In Love’ is a step back in time with cover tunes of standards like “Unforgettable,” “That Old Feeling,” “Someone To Watch Over Me,” and “My Funny Valentine.”

The Blu-ray release of the album matches the quality of the music with videos that bring the songs to life with a visual style that matches the singer’s haunting voice. The format also does an excellent job with the production values of the music – which is provided by the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra.

The Japanese singer does have a bit of an accent that might distract some listeners, but the music and atmosphere of the songs help you overcome any problems that might linger. The Honolulu Symphony Orchestra also does an excellent job on the album and bring the songs to life to help remind of the time period.

Kanda captures the feel of the time these songs bring to mind, and the videos reminded me of you the classic movies I grew up watching – such as Casablanca. Fans of this time period or this style of music should give ‘Hiromi In Love’ a try.

The album seems to be a labor of love for the singer, and she seems to be a perfect fit for the time period that makes up the song tracks of her album.

‘Hiromi In Love’ is not an album for everyone (it helps if you already have a love for this style of music), and the singer’s accent might turn away some listeners. After listening to it a few times, I enjoyed the album, and would recommend it to fans of this genre of classic music.

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