“Hip Hop Cop” dishes on Jennifer Lopez’s scary night in jail

NYPD veteran Derrick Parker has penned a memoir, and he isn’t holding back any details, especially recounting the infamous P Diddy and J Lo “bust” that resulted from a midtown shoot-out in 1999.

Parker has investigated NYC’s most infamous rap-related shootings during his 20-year career.

The New York Daily News has published an excerpt of his upcoming memoir, “Notorious C.O.P.: The Inside Story of the Tupac, Biggie, and Jam Master Jay – Investigations from the NYPD’s First ‘Hip-Hop Cop’

In it Parker details the night when Sean Combs and Jennifer Lopez were arrested after three people were wounded during a shootout in a midtown club.

Parker writes about his encounter with Puff Daddy:  “I told him we had to separate everybody and take them individually to the Midtown South precinct. Puff was worried about having to do a perp walk, but I told him I wouldn’t let that happen. Outside, the press had already assembled into a feeding frenzy, but I assured Puff perp walks are just not my style.”

With regards to then P Diddy girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez, Parker states: “The media, however, was ultimately more interested in Puff’s girlfriend J.Lo than him: they were standing on top of cars with cameras, frothing at the mouth for a glimpse of the infamous diva caught unawares by tragedy”

Parker elaborates: “When I went over to see Jennifer Lopez, she indeed appeared traumatized. I was shocked at what I saw: the cops had her handcuffed roughly to the top of the cell cage. Still in her little club outfit, a long pink coat, with fur on the collar, J.Lo was crying and upset … As I uncuffed her, a uniform cop got in my face….. Meanwhile, I rolled with J.Lo in an unmarked Crown Victoria… She was very quiet but obviously distressed. And then J.Lo’s mother called, which added to the tension…..from the Spanish that I’d picked up over the years, the conversation consisted largely of the mother telling J.Lo stuff like “I told you not to go out with that moreno, this moreno is trouble….”

Sean Combs was acquitted after a public trial. Jennifer Lopez was never charged with a crime.  According to the New York Daily News.

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