Henry Rollins Show ends on a bang with Steve Tyler

Uber fit and hip talk show host Henry Rollins ends his second season on IFC with a special season finale – episode 21 premieres, Friday September 7 with guest, Steven Tyler.

In this special season finale episode, Tyler joins Rollins in an uncut interview to discuss his history in the music business, the dangers of rock & roll and the future of the band Aerosmith.



The Henry Rollins Show takes a different spin with regards to late night talk.  His interviewing style is more conversational, and more revealing in its scope.

With one guest and one musical performance per week, Rollins engages entertainment figures such as William Shatner, Ben Stiller and Marilyn Manson in raw discussions on politics, world affairs, religion and pop culture in IFC’s uncensored environment. 

Joining Henry is actress and comedian Janeane Garofalo, who gives a weekly commentary called, ‘The Disquisition.’

Rollins is an ardent film buff, voracious reader, political observer and still a great nemesis of the Ann Coulters of the world.  

The show is never predictable, as the former lead man for Black Flag has a unique platform on IFC to explore current trends, dissect movies, discuss plots and premise, celebrate new music, and feature under the radar and big stars in an intimate setting.

The Henry Rollins Show is created and executive produced by Swift River Productions.  The show is also produced by Rollins’ manager, Richard Bishop.  Evan Shapiro, Christine Lubrano and Debbie DeMontreux are executive producers for IFC.

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