Heidi Fleiss’ revenge on Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen has had a wild past life.  It was aided by the madam to the stars and other well-heeled notables, Heidi Fleiss.

The New York Daily News reports that former Hollywood madam Fleiss is helping the transvestite Kayla Coxx market a videotape that shows Coxx and Sheen “palling” around at his mansion.

The drag diva Kayla Coxx spends most of 20 minutes winking and dropping hints about how friendly “she” is with Sheen.

The good news for Charlie Sheen, according to The Daily Dish, is that you don’t see him on the tape.

Sheen has insisted that the Nevada-based transvestite’s claims about him are not true.  Attempting to validate her Charlie canoodle claims, Coxx has now produced a tape that chronicles, “the very first time I went to see Charlie at his house in Malibu.”

The Dish reports that the “very incriminating things” it shows, the cross-dressing porn star states “is me riding around in [Charlie’s] limo,” proclaiming herself “Kayla Coxx, trannie-at-large.”

Fleiss readily admits Sheen was a client and tells The Dish the tape shows Coxx posing next to a limited-edition BMW in front of a mansion – both of which allegedly belong to Sheen.

“Kayla says that she asked Charlie if she could drive it, but he would only let her back it up in his driveway – ‘to hide the address of his residence,’ ” says Fleiss to the Dish.

According to Fleiss, Coxx alleges on the tape that Sheen asked Coxx to “sashay down to the nearby beach” and “see how many straight guys would try to hit on her.”

Fleiss tells the Daily Dish Sheen got off on “watching her from the window of his house.”

Coxx is also seen changing into a cheerleader’s outfit, allegedly the kind of outfit Sheen liked his other prostitutes to don, The Daily Dish reports Fleiss saying.

Coxx is a neighbor of Fleiss outside Las Vegas, and says Heidi discovered the tape when Kayla “loaned” her a camcorder.

Fleiss viewed it,and according to The Dish, devised it would be a way to “pay back Sheen for crossing her.”

Her “gripe,” according to The Daily Dish was over Sheen’s enthusiastic cooperation with prosecutors who sent her packing off to jail, and also when he later “stood up” and defended her old abusive boyfriend, actor Tom Sizemore, when he was charged with hitting the Hollywood madam.

The tape is due go on sale next week for $9.95, Sheen’s rep wasn’t available for comment to The Daily Dish.

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