Heche and Tupper steam up set of Men in Trees

The once claimed daughter of God named Celestia, actress Anne Heche and her “Men In Trees” co-star James Tupper allegedly are a couple, according to ET.

Unnamed sources snitch to ET that Heche has left her husband, Coley Laffoon, for Tupper.

Heche’s publicist released a statement confirming Heche and Laffoon have separated. The two were married in 2001 and have one son together. 

Heche infamously went a little cuckoo in the California desert after leaving Ellen Degeneres for Coley Laffoon.  Tupper and his wife split in November according to ET.

“Men in Trees” is in production in Vancouver and just got a lucky new time slot after “Grey’s Anatomy” Thursday night.


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