Heather Mills back home with Sir Paul McCartney?

After heinous allegations of German soft core porno, and other salacious rumors, Heather Mills, the estranged wife of Paul McCartney has returned to their home, but the reports are that she is living in the grounds in a separate structure and not the main house.
The ex-model has moved into a guest house on the Sir Paul’s 160-acre estate in southern England, and while he continues to live in the main farmhouse, friends say it is only for the sake of their daughter, Beatrice.

Mills had moved out when the high-profile couple decided to separate in May and was said to be staying at the posh seafront home in Hove, among other places including a short stint in Eastern Europe to get away from the horrendous expose of her storied past.

McCartney’s grown children by first wife, American born Linda, have also been outspoken against their stepmother.

Designer Stella McCartney has told her father that she believes the stories about Mills working as a prostitute and that her stepmother had lied consistently about her past. The alleged taped telephone conversation between the father and daughter has found its way into the hands of Mills.

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