HBO’s ‘Last Week Tonight’ Shines Bug Light On USA’s Decaying Infrastructure VIDEO


TV Rewind: HBO’s ‘Last Week Tonight’ Shines Bug Light On USA’s Decaying Infrastructure VIDEO

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver continues climbing in ratings, as real journalism is being done on the satirical series, with this week focusing on the sad shape of the USA’s infrastructure.

Bottom line: If you cross a bridge, say, the Tappan Zee bridge, “hold your breath!”

You can tell a lot about a nation by the condition of the infrastructure. John Oliver essentially shared with us that America is being held together with duct tape and lots of prayers. Our roads are decayed and riddled with pot holes and thousands of our bridges look like they could collapse at any moment. In fact, they have.

Our power grid is ripe for a massive failure and trillions of gallons of untreated sewage is leaking from our aging sewer systems each year.

Our airports – compared to many European airports – are disgraceful and dirty and our seaports need to be updated too.

Back during the 50s and the 60s, the U.S. was spending between 3 and 4 percent of GDP on infrastructure. Today, that figure is down to about 2.4 percent. But of course we don’t have any extra money to spend on infrastructure because of THAT WASTE OF MONEY CALLED THE IRAQ WAR.

The American Society of Civil Engineers has given America’s crumbling infrastructure an overall grade of D.  Each year, traffic jams cost the commuters of America 4.2 billion hours and about 2.8 million gallons of gasoline.  Americans will spend an average of 160 hours stuck in traffic on sub-standard roads annually by the year 2035.  One out of every four bridges in America either carries more traffic than originally intended or is in need of repair.  There are over 4000 dams in the United States that are at risk of failure.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Infrastructure (HBO)


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