HBO Real Sports: Russell Wilson Interview, April 21 (VIDEO)

Make sure to tune into HBO Real Sports: Bryant Gumbel interviews Russell Wilson.

wilsonBryant Gumbel sits down with Russell Wilson to speak with him about that ill-fated Super Bowl play and his thoughts on playing baseball again. Real Sports debuts Tues., April 21 at 10pm ET on HBO.

NFL teams winning juggernauts starts with the quality of their quarterback. Observe the NFL and the successful teams, they are the ones with outstanding players in that position. The quality of the player is demonstrated in the ability to throw the ball; read plays and exhibit leadership. Russell Wilson at age 26 is a proven leader who in a short career has led a talented Seahawks team to two Super Bowls. But there are detractors who say Russell Wilson is not the reason they won the first Superbowl, but he is the reason they lost the second one. many in the NFL and those who report on this game feel he cannot read a defense. Many sports writers note that the majority of Wilson’s completed passes are because someone in the defensive backfield leaves a man uncovered. But as for being an elite quarterback (Tom Brady) in the NFL many feel he is not of that caliber.

Now contract negotiations between the Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson are stalling and Seahawks general manager John Schneider is publicly hinting that the team cut Wilson loose.

The quarterback, who has led the Seahawks to two consecutive Super Bowls – winning one, which should have been two if not for a questionable decision by coach Pete Carroll. During an interview with KIRO radio in Seattle on Wednesday, Schneider reveals the team might be willing to move on from Wilson based on contract demands.