Hanging Hill – Book Review

When a teenage girl is murdered on her way home from school, it opens up a can of worms for many people. What is meant by the cryptic message written on the dead girl’s body ‘All like her’. 

Why are the dead girl’s friends reluctant to talk? Detective Zoe Benedict has the task of finding the murderer – but is soon aware that problems from her own past are beginning to haunt her.  What is the connection? Zoe’s relationships with her boyfriend and with her estranged sister soon come under pressure. 

The tension is palpable from the very first page.  Definitely fast moving, it is a well-crafted story and quite a frightening one.  Mo Hayder is very adept at showing how evil ordinary people can be – and what they can be forced to do when forced by circumstances. 

The portrayal of Zoe Benedict and her sister are strong and emotionally charged. A lengthy read, and not a comfortable one.