Hang out with Ronnie Wood in a bar

That is what reading his new book is like, according to one AP writer. Unfortunately, the critic also noted, “You have fun, you hear a few good stories and you learn about life as a Rolling Stone. It’s just too bad this good-natured man didn’t say more about the art of playing guitar.”

The autobiography, simply called Ronnie, is published by St. Martin’s Press. The reviewer also mentions that, “This isn’t great literature — it has the feeling of a long interview organized into chapters — but it is entertaining.”

The Book Description off Amazon states, “A fascinating portrait not just of the Stones, but of the greatest rockers of the 1960’s and beyond—from Eric Clapton to Rod Stewart, Jimmy Page to Keith Moon, Jimi Hendrix to Pete Townshend—RONNIE is a rich, revelatory book. Readers have never had a view of the rock world like this before.”

Visit Amazon for more details, or read the full AP review here. The book finishes at 384 pages.

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