Ham, Pickles & Jam – Book Review

With more and more people seeking to rediscover the lost skills of cooking, this book is to be recommended.  It shows how to get the best out of your store cupboard, cooking the basic items that don’t cost a lot but are filling, nutritious and well-loved such as cheese straws, pastry, gingerbread and homemade yogurt. 

Even the mysteries of making jam, chutneys and cordial are turned into simple activities which anyone can do.  The instructions are clear, well written and easy to follow.  Although pricy, this book is a solid introduction to the subject of cooking and preserving food. 

Anyone encountering surplus produce on allotments or vegetable patches will find it extremely useful.  There are tips on how to store food properly, save money and make the most of seasonal ingredients.  A very useful book, which makes a good gift.